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  You are about to taste THE most unique bread - one-of-a-kind sweet sourdough! Our Bakery in Houston, Texas has been making these "magical" breads since 1990. Our sweet sourdough breads require 2 days to rise naturally, which contributes to just how special our bread is. Our outstanding breads are truly a labor of love!

Sheila Partin's Sweet Sourdough breads are being made available to you in five (5) flavors: white, wheat, italian, onion, and jalapeno-cheddar cheese. All five (5) flavors are sweet sourdough. You will note that there are many different sizes and shapes represented. All (5) flavors are available in all of these shapes and sizes, as well as the other items in the Frozen Food Product Line list.

What is Sheila Partin's Sweet Sourdough?

  • a soft, moist, slightly sweet sourdough bread with a soft crust and a very unique taste that is delicious and easy to eat for individuals of all ages
  • totally different from San Francisco Sourdough: a different sourdough culture, a different flavor, and a different texture, which makes our bread delicious with all meats and cheeses
  • contains no milk, no eggs, no dry yeast (our sourdough starter serves as a leavening), not a sufficient source of cholesterol, and no preservatives, which allows many people with various food allergies or restricted diets to enjoy our breads. (Jalapeño Cheese & Italian products contain pasteurized milk).
  • the white-flavored bread/bun is the basic, original bread that was first baked in 1990; the other flavors were developed by customer request; the white-flavored bread/bun is the most popular and the most versatile of the flavors
  • the wheat bread/bun is made with a white/wheat blend of flours; an all wheat or whole wheat bread dough will not rise in this form of sweet sourdough bread
  • the jalapeno and cheese flavored bread/bun is made with fresh jalapenos and grated cheddar cheese
  • the italian bread/bun is absolutely the best italian bread/bun on the market - it is soft, moist, mild, and flavorful; it gives "italian" a good name
  • the onion bread/bun is the white bread with fresh onions mixed into the dough as well as on top of the bun
  • "you'll just have to taste it" should become your daily mantra with this product; if a customer will taste these breads, they will become addicted to this delicious bread; to try it as a hamburger, with barbecue, deli-meats, or with a meal will "seal the deal" with your customer's preference of our breads
  • a bread/bun that freezes beautifully; you can't even tell it's been frozen; the freshness is frozen in and will be just as good as when it was freshly baked
  • Sheila Partin's Sweet Sourdough products are available through your local food Service Supplier
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